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This body of work includes four individual research studies situated in the Core Literacy Specialist Project centered around the professional development activity entitled coaching. Each individual study will be included below: A Comparative Analysis of Four Coaching Models This comparative analysis focuses on the similarities in and distinctions between four coaching models including Peer Coaching, Cognitive Coaching, Coaching in the Literacy Collaborative and Coaching in the Core Literacy Specialist Project. The review provides administrators with the information needed to make an informed choice when choosing a coaching model. The analysis presents information on the structural framework of each coaching model and the role of “knowledgeable” others. Teacher’s Talk Communication and Collaboration: A Key to Effective Teacher Instruction This qualitative study focuses on the Teacher Learning Instrument (TLI) and one teacher’s experience with the TLI. The TLI is a transcript analysis tool that provides a structure for a literacy specialist and a classroom teacher to use as a means to help the teacher self-evaluate and deepen her diagnostic teaching. Voices from the Classroom: The Teacher’s Perspective of A Literacy Coaching Experience This qualitative research study presents the views and perceptions of four teachers who participated in a coaching experience. Through teachers’ interviews, the study provides the teachers’ reasons for willing volunteering to participate in a coaching activity. Readers develop a better understanding of how a literacy specialist assists a classroom teacher as they reshape their instructional approach. A Coaching Experience: A Supportive Process for Change The final study focuses on a coaching experience with a literacy specialist and an experienced teacher. Through the coaching conversation we deepen our understanding of how the ELLCO tool and the Close-up of Teaching assist the coach-teacher dyad as they strengthen and refine the teacher’s instruction. The ELLCO tool helps the dyad identify elements of instructional need and the Close-up for Teaching takes a critical look at teaching behaviors.
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School:University of Cincinnati

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Date of Publication:01/01/2006

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