Cinema: mudanças de hábito e sociabilidade no espaço urbanode Uberlândia ? 1980 a 2000

by Marçal de, Kellen Cristina

Abstract (Summary)
This study intend to reflect about the sociabilities?s construction linked in the urban?stransformations of Uberlândia?s city in the Minas Gerais state, in the 1980 and 2000period.The space reorganization become possible new forms of sociabilities, experiences andsocial practices that are connected with the formation of new references wich breaksand permanences are confronted.In this process, the action of going to the cinema also had significant chances in thesame period. This changes was not only because the tecnology?s inovation, particularlyaccelerated in the last decades of last century. It is not about to reduce the relevance ofthis aspect, however is when incorporated in a set of transformations that are perceivedthe habit of going to the cinema as a social practice. In this meaning that the discussionabout the space of the cinema?s room in Uberlândia gain dimension in the significantlócus of sociabilities?s construction. The activities of social interaction in the city didin?trestrict, exclusivement, the cinema?s room. Bars, restaurants, clubs, churches, squares.And others, also were and are related as the construction?s sociabilities?s space.Privilege and to become a problem the sociabilities?s construction related to the actionof going to the cinema are caused by the destruction of a space established and theconstruction and the deslocation for a new local according to considerated modernstandards.According to the study, is perceived the bankruptcy process of the large central rooms,the interaction with the rooms in the shopping-center that end up with the extinction ofthe firsts by the enlargement of the seconds. This space become not only a place wherepeople live together but as a reference point to the citizens.
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Advisor:Rosangela Patriota Ramos; João Pinto Furtado; Alcides Freire Ramos

School:Universidade Federal de Uberlândia

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Shopping-center City Cinema rooms Sociabilities History


Date of Publication:02/28/2008

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