Chinese Export of Electrical Machinery Equipments : An Estimated Demand Function

by Johansson, Frida

Abstract (Summary)
According to OECD statistics, products categorised as electronic machinery equipment (EME) has experienced the highest export growth in China from 1992-2003. Thus, the sec-tor encounters not only a great importance for Chinese export in absolute figures, its high growth during recent years may also imply a great importance for the future.The purpose of this thesis was to compose an export demand equation for Chinese Elec-trical machinery equipment, examining how Relative prises, GDP in importing country, distance to importing country, and the importing countries FDI in China affects foreign demand in this sector. The empirical test indicates that the variables included in this analy-sis can be used to explain foreign demand for Chinese produced EME.As in accordance to theory importers GDP and FDI was found to have a significant posi-tive affect on EME export, likewise distance was found to influence the EME export nega-tively. Unexpectedly, Relative price (Pc/Pw) seemed to have a positive effect on EME ex-port. This implausible finding may be caused by quality heterogeneity of products included in the EME sector and the large proportion of intermediate products incorporated in Chi-nese EME export.
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School:Högskolan i Jönköping

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:china export demand international trade


Date of Publication:10/31/2006

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