Chefsrekrytering : Hur fungerar det?

by Andersson, Johanna; Thyberg, Terese

Abstract (Summary)
Recruitment can include everything from hiring a stand-in for the summer to finding an executive for a big company. When hiring an executive is it important for the company that the right person gets the right job. There is little information in Swedish literature that explains how executive recruitment separates from ordinary recruitment. Neither is there any information about how internal and external executive recruitment are separated.When a recruitment process starts it is important to do a thorough preparatory work. This can be done by doing a work analyse, or a revision of the job description which is mostly used in executive recruitment. After this a specification of requirements is formed, the specification is a guide that the company uses to specify what kind of person they want to hire.The search of candidates for a position can be done in several different ways. The company has to decide if they should do the process by themselves or if a recruitment firm should be consulted, which is common today. There are several ways of searching candidates, the most common today is advertising in different media or using the employment service. The company also have to make a decision considering if the search should be done internal or external, or both ways.When suitable candidates have been chosen it is time for interviews and testing. At this time the recruiter meets the candidate for the first time and creates a picture of him or her. Testing is often used as a complement to the interview to confirm or deny feelings or suspicions that has arisen during the process. Another way of doing this is by contacting references, it is important to be aware of the fact that references often just have good things to say about the candidate. There is a risk with this considering that the whole truth might not come out.There are many different ways of making the decision who to hire, most important is though to use the specification of requirements as basic data. It is not always a need that all demands in the specifications are fulfilled, the candidates other qualifications can be more important.During this study it has come to our knowledge that the recruitment process for hiring executives are not that different from the process of hiring other co-workers. The biggest difference is that companies often choose to outsource the process to a consult. The companies in this study are quite small and think that they don’t have the right competence to find people with the right qualifications themselves. They think that it is better to pay money to the consultant than risk that the recruitment goes wrong and they have to do the process all over again.Companies today are more interested in recruiting executives from outside the company. In a time of changes they want an objective point of view to be able to survive in business. Once again there are no right or wrong way for the company to choose, but to search both internal and external might be the best solution to minimize the risk of overlooking the best candidate. Being able to advance in the company is a big push for many employees to work harder.
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School:Högskolan i Skövde

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Date of Publication:08/01/2007

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