Characterization of variables that influence in the service life of the concrete structures

by Jordão, Fernanda Ribeiro

Abstract (Summary)
The analysis of the service life of the structures of reinforced concrete should contemplate probabilistic processes due to the random of the parameters that influence in the mechanisms that affect the life of the structure. In these processes, besides the application of structural reliability techniques, it is necessary the characterization of the variables that influence in the deterioration mechanisms. The main objective of this work is to analyze variables related to the forecast of service life of the concrete structures, particularly of residential buildings, in urban areas far from the marine coast, from a point of view of the probabilistic behavior and propose functions of density of probability and representative statistical parameters. To get that, it was carried out a data survey in four residential buildings and in environmental organs. Later it was made the statistical analysis of them and the adjustment of continuous functions of densities of probability, by the Kolmogorov-Smirnov goodness-of-fit test. The studied variables were the temperature, the relative humidity, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the weight of people and the furniture and the area of occupation of the furniture. As results, it was found out that to the temperature and relative humidity variables, for the city of Uberlândia, a function of normal density of probability can be adopted, with an average of 22,8ºC and a standard deviation of 4,4ºC for the temperature and an average of 65,06% and a standard deviation of 17,15% for the relative humidity. For the CO2 concentration in the urban atmosphere of the city of São Paulo, it resulted in a density function of log ? normal of probability with an average of 1083 ppm and a standard deviation of 168 ppm. For the live loads variable: weigh of the people the found values were 0,74 kN and standard deviation of 0,13 kN, with a function of normal density of probability. For the weight of the furniture the adjusted function was the normal with average of 0,22 kN/m2 and standard deviation of 0,15 kN/m2. The obtained results will be important for the study of the service life of reinforced concrete structures and they are constituted in a first regional base of data.
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Advisor:Paulo Cesar Primo Agostinho; Sofia Maria Carrato Diniz; Turibio José da Silva

School:Universidade Federal de Uberlândia

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Service life Durability Deterioration Live loads Concrete


Date of Publication:08/28/2006

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