Characterization of the SnO2 thin film derived from an ultrasonic atomization process

by Hsu, Ching-Shiung

Abstract (Summary)
Abstract A thin film deposition system using ultrasonic atomization is designed and constructed. Solution containing precursors is transported by carrying gas to the heated substrate where deposition is accomplished by pyrolysis. Tests including series of varying flow rate of carrying gas and varying substrate temperature were carried out with solutions of SnCl4 precursor in C2H5OH solvent and N2 as carrying gas. Also, TaCl5 was used as dopant to improved the electrical conductivity. The effects of doping in crystallinity, surface morphology, optical transmittance and electrical conductivity of the deposited thin films were examined and the optimal percentage of doping for electrical conductivity and optical transmittance was found. XRD reveals that the thin film was amorphous when the deposition temperature was below 350¢J. Polycrystalline thin films with grains size of 30~50nm were obtained with deposition temperature of 400~500¢J and N2 flow rate of 2.5 ~10 l/min. SEM examination reveals that porosity increases with increasing deposition temperature and N2 flow rate, which consequently reduces the electron mobility, as seen in Hall measurement. No discernible difference was observed between the morphology of the doped and undoped thin films. As shown in the UV-Visible spectra representative transmittance of all films at 550nm radiation ranges between 70% and 82%. No discernible effect was observed for Ta-doping. Hall measurement reveals that Ta-doping increases the electron mobility and carrier concentration by several times and one order of magnitude, respectively. The minimum resistivity is 1.2*10-1 £[- cm occurring at 4 at% Ta doping.
Bibliographical Information:

Advisor:Tzu-Chien Hsu; Bing-Hwait Hwang; Hong-Yang Lu

School:National Sun Yat-Sen University

School Location:China - Taiwan

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:ultrasonic atomization thin film tin oxide


Date of Publication:07/27/2001

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