CURA, COMPAIXÃO E CONVERSÃO Experiências na vida e na Bíblia


Abstract (Summary)
The following research, offers a reading of the studies accomplished at theHospital e Maternidade Jardim América, in Goiânia-GO, during the period of January2000 to January 2001. The main reason for this search was the observations done within-patients stay at several hospitals and that have presented different behaviors in theon going of the hospitalization period. These patients, most of the time, have changedtheir attitudes when they had received visitors that tried to comfort them with words andreligious prayers. These patients have started to cope more and more with thetherapeutics? proposal and, this way, they early found the cure.In this present study we have tried to divide our work in four parts. Firstly,we provide a theoretical referencial that, we hope, might help and give subsidies to thepatients in their incentive psychotherapy. Also, we try to lead these patients to find acertain sense in their lives. Then, it follows the interpretation and the anthropologicalanalysis of the biblical texts and of how these people can understand them and, alsouse their message to improve the quality of their lives in the reality of these days . Wecontinued our studies with the reading of how the patients face the disease, the pain andthe suffering within an hospitalar institution. And to conclude our research, based on thetexts of Luke?s Gospel, mainly in the prodigal son?s parable ( Lk 15: 11-32); we placeJesus Christ as the center of our life?s project, for He was the One responsible fordisseminating love, compassion and mercy through all the mankind.
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School:Universidade Católica de Goiás

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Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:paciente hospitalizado amor poder curativo ciência da saúde religião sofrimento logoterapia evangelho de lucas teologia


Date of Publication:12/31/2002

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