The CMS forward calorimeter prototype design studies and omega(c)0 search at E781 experiment at FermiLab [electronic resource] /

by Ayan, Ahmet Sedat.

Abstract (Summary)
In the first part, the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) forward calorimeter design studies are presented. The forward calorimeter consists of quartz fibers embedded in a steel absorber. Radiation damage studies of the quartz fiber and the absorber as well as the results of the first pre-production prototype PPP-I are presented. In the second part, the omega(c)0 search studies at the SELEX (E781) experiment at FermiLab are presented. 107+-22omega(c)0 events are observed in three decay modes. The relative branching ratio (omega(c)0 omega-pi-pi+pi+)/beta is measured as 2.00+- 0.45(stat)+-0.32(sys).
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School:University of Iowa

School Location:USA - Iowa

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