CCS - Collect, Convert and Send : Designing and implementing a system for data portability and media migration to mobile devices

by Gustafsson, Jonas; Alserin, Fredrik

Abstract (Summary)
In this thesis we will identify which are the desired features and functionalities for implementing a system capable of acting as an information bridge for content available in the “wired” Internet to be delivered to mobile devices. We will also explore how to design and build such a system based on the specifications within parts of the MUSIS project. The MUSIS’ system development is used as a base of the work described in this thesis and the experiences from those efforts are used in order to design a system with more focus on data portability and media migration.During the development of the MUSIS platform, problems related to system upgrading, i.e. adding new ad-hoc functionalities were discovered. Due to the fact that a user-centred design approach was taken, this was essential in the project. To solve some of these issues, we propose a new component-based system with a high level of scalability and re-usability. We name this system Collect, Convert and Send, CCS. The system shall be seen as a base that can be used as a core system for different projects where interoperability of content between different platforms, devices or systems is important.The implementation of the system is based on the use cases and those theoretical aspects and ideas related to component software, interoperability, media migration and metadata in a Web service context. The results of our efforts give some indications that the use of component software gives a foundation for a service-oriented architecture.
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School:Växjö universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:data portability media migration component software metadata interoperability web services automatic content conversion service oriented architecture soa


Date of Publication:10/30/2006

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