Byggnationsskillnader i Sverige, Finland och Tyskland

by Paulin, Linda; Lalander, Henrik

Abstract (Summary)
This paper is written as an examination paper at the University of Jönköping. The subject is chosen by Peab Sweden in Jönköping with whom further cooperation has been hold. The aim is to compare building methods and building materials in Sweden, Finland and Germany for further inspiration for Peab’s own market.BackgroundThe development of the construction industry develops new materials and methods to the market which has been forced by shorter construction times and the environment aspect. To pursue the development, further knowledge exchange should exist between the countries. That ought not to be a problem when the borders have been more open which facilitates import and export. With the paper it occurred interesting issues to take in consideration.Implementation, results and conclusionTo start this investigation focus has been laid on study of the Swedish building project and examination of the (rambeskrivning)frameworks description, the (rumsbeskrivning)room description and at the drawings. Later the building projects and building methods for Finland and Germany have been compared to find differences to Sweden. It has been found that traditions are governing the building in these three countries. Even the market situation of the construction industry is influencing the method- and material choices. Despite the near geographic distance the construction industry in these countries have big differences, like contract writing, housing, ventilations and frameworks. However, it’s questionable if the market in Sweden wants to write the contracts in a different way. More likely then that details like cupboards for dishes have a future on the Swedish market.
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School:Högskolan i Jönköping

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:11/23/2007

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