Business Valuation : Valuation of IT-companies in the area of Jönköping

by Jonsson, Emma; Samuelsson, Linda

Abstract (Summary)
Background:In Sweden Internet was introduced in 1983 and IT became a popular phe-nomenon in the 1990s. In the middle of this decade IT-companies had a prosperous period. Many companies acquired competitors frequently dur-ing these years in order to build brand names and stay competitive. More than 400 IT-companies went bankrupt during 2001, due to the burst of the IT-bubble. Today, there is no doubt that IT-companies are willing to acquire other companies in the industry. Before an acquisition both the purchaser and seller do a careful valuation of the current company, using different valuation methods. Lately, there are some IT-companies in the area of Jönköping and its surroundings that have carried out acquisitions.Purpose:In this thesis IT-companies in the area of Jönköping are considered in or-der to describe what valuation methods that are used when valuing these before an acquisition. Intangible assets are of great importance for this in-dustry. Therefore the aim is also to find out which these are and how they are valued.Method:In order to fulfill the purpose a qualitative research is maintained. Primary data is collected from two telephone interviews and six face-to-face inter-views. Three of the interviews are conducted with people working at IT-companies that have carried out an acquisition between 2006 and 2008. The other interviews were performed with people working with business valuation on a daily basis.Conclusion:When valuing IT-companies as well as the intangible assets, where good-will is significant due to synergies, the net present value approach is most commonly used. The relative valuation approach is also useful, especially for companies in the early phase of the life cycle since these do not show any historical facts. Within the IT-industry; P/S, P/E, and value per em-ployee, are all useful. The net asset value approach is the most common before a direct acquisition. In this research indirect acquisitions are most often applied.
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School:Högskolan i Jönköping

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:business valuation acquisition net asset value approach pre sent relative it company goodwill


Date of Publication:06/24/2008

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