?Branding At Trade Shows : ?How subcontractors use trade shows to strengthen their brand

by Andersson, Karl-Johan; Alm, Simon; Andersson, Jörgen

Abstract (Summary)
Background: Branding is a way for companies to differentiate their products and services from its competitors in the fierce competition in business today. This phenomena has up until recently mostly been used in the B2C context, but the importance of branding in the B2B context has been more and more acknowledged. Trade shows are a good way to find customers, and to display and sell products, but can it also be used to strengthen the brand of the exhibiting company? According to Nordiska Undersökningsgruppen (2001) 79 % of the participating companies in B2B trade shows claims to have strengthened their brand through the trade show. As few companies take part in organized research about their trade show performance, we were curious about how such a vast majority of companies knew that their trade show participation actually strengthens their brands.Purpose: The purpose of our thesis is to explore how trade shows are used by subcontractors to strengthen their brand names, and how these companies measure brand strength.Method: A case study has been conducted, examining four subcontractors participating at the Elmia Subcontractor trade show. In order to collect our primary data, we used questionnaires both prior to and after the trade show as well as face-to-face interaction during the trade show. We also chose to use the TSI model (Jansson, 2003) to examine what could be done in the different stages of the trade show process in order to maximize the com-panies’ results from it.Conclusions: The conclusion of this thesis is that the brand image and thereby the strength of the brand of the trade show participating company is mainly a result of the face-to-face meeting. Since we have established that the view on branding in the investigated companies differ from the theoretical view in large, we believe that the relevance of the investigation mentioned in the background can be questioned. The companies lack procedures for measuring their brand strength.
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School:Högskolan i Jönköping

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:trade shows branding subcontractors


Date of Publication:02/16/2007

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