Bostadsbranschens väg in i upplevelseekonomin : Kan fastighetsmäklarens arbete omvandlas till en säljande upplevelse?

by Wall, Annabella; Lernberg, Lena

Abstract (Summary)

The civilization has taken a step from the industry society to a service oriented culturewhere the physical differences between different products have decreased in value for the customers. The differentiation is more about senses, esthetical symbols and design. Modern economy is more and more focused on consuming and produce dreams and lifestyles. Maybe are we ready to face a new era; the society of experiences?

Can the trend that is striving towards experiences really be adapted to all markets? This question started our quest to see how the real-estate market would be able to be adapted to this new economy. The Purpose of this essay is to study how the real-estate market possibilities to be developed within the society of experiences. To get an answer to this question we have been studied literature in the society of experience, home staging and done an empirical study with the help of interviews and one survey.

In order to get insight in the question from different angels, Interviews where done with both customers and with people that know the real-estate market. The interviewed persons are persons that know the real-estate market i.e. real-estate brokers and decorators. This group of people contributed to this survey by responding on questions about what they believed that buyers would be influenced by when displaying a home and how they thought displaying real-estates in the future would look like. The purpose of these interviews was to get an insight in what the persons that visit a real-estate show values and what effect this might have on the person's total experience and impression of the home. Several persons that where visiting real-estate show's responded to a number of questions in a poll.

Our investigation showed that many of our questions where complete new thoughts both for customers as well as real-estate brokers, so our interpretation of this study shows that if today's actors will decide then there will be no major changes compared to how a realestate show is preformed today. But if you look at it from the society of experience characteristics then it shows that it's possible to combine a real-estate show and the literatures thoughts on the new economy. There are no real clash of opinion between the parties' thoughts and the researchers belief in the future but our mindset in each of us does most probably need some time to mature in order to get the effect that the literature describes it.

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School:Högskolan i Gävle

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:upplevelseekonomi fastighetsmäklare homestaging bostadsvisning business studies företagsekonomi


Date of Publication:01/01/2009

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