Bostaden och de boende

by Hedlund, Linnea; Linbro, Ida

Abstract (Summary)
AbstractWe all have experience of dwelling, which means that everyone can have an opinion about the architecture of the dwelling. Today the building companies do not have time enough to investigate which architecture qualities their clientele ask for in their apartments. JM AB use to call their apartments “generous city apartments”. But do these apartments fulfill the needs of their dwellers? And what would the apartments look like if they were designed according to the wishes of the dwellers? When JM AB get knowledge about the dwellers needs and wishes they can make even better apartments for their future customers.The purpose and the objective with this report are to draw up proposals for tenant owner flat. These apartments were designed in view of the dwellers needs and wishes.Literature studies were performed and underlie for the apartment proposals and the opinion poll. Literature about planning of dwelling, human needs, use and availability and architectural qualities and esthetics were used.A quantitative investigation was performed where polls were carried out to the dwellers in JM AB’s apartments in Jonkoping. The result of the opinion poll explained how the dwellers experience their apartments and if there is any wishes of possible improvements. The majority of the dwellers were satisfied with their apartments, the result of the opinion poll shows that the apartments could be improved, however.Taking literature and the result of the opinion poll as a starting point, proposals of apartment planning has been sketched. These sketches resulted in the four final apartments.Work has been done on the details to strengthen the architectural quality of the four final apartments. Some of the qualities that dwellers ask for are open planning with a private and introvert part and the hall as a secluded room, bathroom right next to the bedroom and good daylight in the living room. Work has even been done on the apartments to attain to the building standards and the official recommendations that are to create a good living environment. To get an idea of how the apartments will be experienced in the reality the apartments were visualized in 3D.The apartments of JM AB are today already well planned and fulfill many of the qualities that the dwellers wish according to the opinion poll. The opinion poll gave new knowledge and wider insight in what the dwellers appreciate. With this knowledge JM AB can further develop their apartments and attain to a higher grade of architectural quality.
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School:Högskolan i Jönköping

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:06/19/2006

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