Bolstering the hegemony of the financial panopticon over emerging markets, a neo-Gramscian reading of the role of ideas, material capabilities and institutions

by Peck, Lawrence W.

Abstract (Summary)
Rcronyms and ubbrevintiuns Contemalizing the h!pothesis The thesis statement Organintion of the thesis klchodo lo@d cipproac h Contribution of the thesis introduction 1.1 nie rmrrsing market phenornenon 1 .Z The ~cnsion of panoptic finuiciai dominancc to cmcrging markcts 1.3 The internai contradictions of panoptic financial dominuice as a conditioning hctor for 3 hegemonic project 1. J The theoreticai underphings of a hegemonic project Conclusion Chupter 2 - From coUecrive images to interszihjecn ve un&rstandin,qs: 'fie ideolog > cal constn~ction globakation oj'the "reaii@" oj~nancial and of cornmonsense hehm>ior htroduction 2.1 Nmowing the "Iimitsof the possible" 1: Episternologid struggles 2.2 Nmowing the "limits of the possible" Ii: Mfic ontologies of die Wd1 Street mentalie 2.2.1 Finuiciai globdization as unavoidable: The myth of technologicai detenninism 2.2.2 Fiauicial globalizationas beyond influence: The myth of " atornized markets" 2.2.3 Financiai globalkation and economic gowth: The mythical panÿcea of hciai integration 2.2-1 Financiai globalkation as the "great leveler": The myth of the democratinng auâliberating ben& of globalized markets 2.2.5 Fbcid giobaüzation as the &sion of the "invisible hami*': The myth of cational economic govemance widiout governrnent 2.3 A "bhep~t" for leçitimate behavior: Applying the Wall Street muitality to daily Me under the panoptic yaze of 'rhe markets" 2.3.1 Hyperlikd tiiiyicid giobaiism 3s the bluqrint for mmajng financiai @aiintion 2-32 Imedizeâ disciplinary behaviorai pattcms: htcrprcting -'rnarketsignals " 2.4 Revisionisnt in Asia: The occultation of aiternatives to hyperiibenl hanciai @obdism Conciusion Chaprer 3 - Capitd punishmtnt ": The material capc7hilities oj'the transnatiunalfinancinl punopticon os the corrciw bnsxs LI hegemoy ofpanuptic dominance Introduction 3.1 The nav '-information standard" yui the cmrrginy market howlcdge smcrure 3.2The collective allocation of global finance: The ccnrtnliz3Uon of finuicial services and thc investor herding 3.2.1 The rise of the institutionai ùivestor: Cenuûlizins controi over global ilcc 3.2 2 Playing "foilow-the-leadei': investor herding 3.3 The short-terni horizons an speculative naturc of emerging markcc capital tlows 3.-i When the bubbie bursts: The matcriaiization of "C3pit31 punisiment*' Conciusion
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Date of Publication:01/01/1999

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