José Mª García-Blanco Oyarzabal "El hombre y su obra" una etapa de la bioquímica y de la fisiologia valenciana (1941-1968)

by Hernández Iranzo, Bernardo Jose

Abstract (Summary)
SUMMARY This doctoral thesis has been developed in eight chapters: at first, substantiation, objectives and methodology for the development of an introduction to the Physiology in that period are introduced while it is considered in detail Professor García-Blancos personal, scientific biography. At last, both oral and historical sources are presented as well as the documental appendix that foregoes the final conclusions. A special mention to the importance of J. García-Blanco personality at the Valencian Physiology has to be done since, although his presence has remained anonymous, he was one of the main scientists at s. XX. We emphasize how with very poor means he got ahead of this time, publishing his articles at such reduced media that matters, that were investigated and published a long time ago by our eminent autor, were considered as a novelty when were published by other scientists who reached identical conclusions . It is to his credit unknown events such as the discovery of the insulin extrapancreatic synthesis, the contribution to the subnormality early diagnosis test through the hyphothyroidism analysis to the newly-born children, being Valencia a pioneer in such screening thanks to his influence on his disciples, particularly at the former Clínica de la Cigüeña. It is well-known his contribution to the granting of the Medicine Nobel Prize to Dr. Severo Ochoa thanks to his work at the Faculty of Medicine Council in Valencia, a consultant authority that year. In spite of his condition of liberal scientist, his important role played at the Spanish Valencian scientific history must be highlighted at the following fields: microanalysis, both quantitative and qualitative, particularly in the study of elecrolites; vegetable metabolism; study of peroxidases; animal histochemistry; hormonal and glucides studies; physiopathology and pharmacology at the vascular and cardiocirculatory system; studies on the gastrointestinal physiology and physiopathology.
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Advisor:Romero Gómez, Fco. Javier; Barona Vilar, Jose Luis

School:Universitat de València

School Location:Spain

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:09/03/1999

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