Biometrics in practice : The security technology of tomorrow's airports

by Salavati, Sadaf

Abstract (Summary)
The biometric technology is a method for authentication which has been used since several centuries back. This is a technology which offers several different techniques where the human’s unique characteristics are used for identification and verification of the individual. Biometrics are today at a stage of development that is pointing upwards and many individuals that are well aware of the biometric world believes that this is the technology that will take over the security systems used today.Ever since the terror attacks against USA at 2001, USA demanded that all 45 countries that today are not required to have visa when entering the United States must until the end of 2006 implement passports that contains biometrics information. The UN’s air traffic group on the other hand thinks that all counties in the world should use passports with biometric data. The biometric data in the passports are going to be stored in a chip and is in the first hand an image of the individuals face in a cryptic jpg format, but can also be complemented with fingerprints or even signature recognition. Sweden is currently using passports which contain biometric data but so far haven’t any machines that can read this passports been bought. Ulf Hägglund at Precise Biometrics AB believes that as soon as the real use of the biometric passports gets going the biometric technique will be used in a greater extension in the airports.Even though several Swedish airports consider the security technique used in airports today being enough, biometrics can increase the security and at the same time simplify many security processes. Falsification can be reduced when at same time one can be sure that the same passenger who has checked-in is the passenger who boards the airplane and the employee security control can be totally automatized. Generally it can be said that “biometrics is a decent way to increase security in different areas”.
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School:Växjö universitet

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Date of Publication:09/23/2006

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