Biological activity of products domisanitary for the alternative control of the black aphid of cowpea bean.

by Ferreira de, Maria Tarcísia

Abstract (Summary)
The cowpea bean is a rustic leguminosae of semi-arid and humid and sub-humid tropics. This work aimed to evaluate the effect of detergents and powder soaps at different concentrations at greenhouse conditions for the control of Aphis craccivora (Hemiptera: Aphididae) in cowpea bean. The plants were infested with 6 aphids 14 days after planting. Two days later, the adults were removed and the essays prepared. The trials were arranged in a randomized complete block design with 6 and 7 treatments and at least 6 replications. The treatments were: 1 ? absolute check; 2 ? relative check with the reference insecticide: Acephate (Orthene? 750 BR) at 1g. a.i./L; 3 ? neutral detergent at 1mL/L of water (just for the detergents essays); 4 ? detergent at 0,5mL/100mL of water or soap at 1g/L of water; 5 - detergent at 1,0mL/100mL of water or soap at 4,0g/L of water; 6 - detergent at 2,0mL/100mL of water or soap at 8g/L of water; 7 ? detergent at 4mL/100mL of water. The detergents were Ypê? lemon, Ypê? coconut, Ypê? glicerin with coconut and the grease remover Veja? multiuse. The powder soaps were: Coconut Roma?, Omo? colors, Omo? multiaction e Omo? progress. Treatments in each trial were applied with an eletric pump at pressure of 40 pounds/pol2 and a gravity sprayer Arprex®, model 5. Two days after the applications the living insects on the plants were counted. The obtained data were transformed by 5,0+X and run through variance analysis, differences between means were determined by Duncan?s multiple range test at 5% of probability. The efficiency was calculated by the Abbott?s method. All detergents tested showed to be efficient to control aphid. The detergent Ypê? lemon and the powder soap Omo? multiaction were the only phythotoxic product. The detergent Ypê? glicerin with coconut and the powder soap Omo? colors gave the best dose/mortality answer and one of the best efficacy. So, these products are the most promising to be tested at field conditions to control black aphid of cowpea bean.
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Advisor:Francisco Valter Vieira; Quelzia Maria Silva Melo; Ervino Bleicher

School:Universidade Federal do Ceará

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Aphis craccivora Vigna unguiculata (L) Walp Soap


Date of Publication:02/13/2006

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