BioSpec: A Biophysically-Based Spectral Model of Light Interaction with Human Skin

by Krishnaswamy, Aravind

Abstract (Summary)
Despite the notable progress in physically-based rendering, there is still a long way to go before we can automatically generate predictable images of biological materials. In this thesis, we address an open problem in this area, namely the spectral simulation of light interaction with human skin, and propose a novel biophysically-based model that accounts for all components of light propagation in skin tissues, namely surface reflectance, subsurface reflectance and transmittance, and the biological mechanisms of light absorption by pigments in these tissues. The model is controlled by biologically meaningful parameters, and its formulation, based on standard Monte Carlo techniques, enables its straightforward incorporation into realistic image synthesis frameworks. Besides its biophysicallybased nature, the key difference between the proposed model and the existing skin models is its comprehensiveness, i. e. , it computes both spectral (reflectance and transmittance) and scattering (bidirectional surface-scattering distribution function) quantities for skin specimens. In order to assess the predictability of our simulations, we evaluate their accuracy by comparing results from the model with actual skin measured data. We also present computer generated images to illustrate the flexibility of the proposed model with respect to variations in the biological input data, and its applicability not only in the predictive image synthesis of different skin tones, but also in the spectral simulation of medical conditions.
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School:University of Waterloo

School Location:Canada - Ontario

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:computer science natural phenomena biologically and physically based rendering


Date of Publication:01/01/2005

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