Bilden av Läraren : en jämförande studie kring illustrationer av lärare i svenska och brittiska bilderböcker

by Samuelsson, Karolina; Kihlberg, Camilla

Abstract (Summary)
This essay compares illustrations in picture books for children in Sweden, and the United Kingdom. The aim for this essay is to discuss national differences and similarities in how teachers are illustrated in picture books for children. Our focus is the illustrations and how they connect to the way the societies socialise children in preparation for starting school.The analysis of the illustrations is also compared to The National Curriculum and Lpo94, to see how the curriculum has influenced the authors and illustrators. We want to see how the pre-school socialisation, in the world of illustrations in picture books, is realistic if you compare it to the school system and curriculum with a background in cultural and sociological studies.We have chosen to analyse three picture books from each country, with the word “school” or “skola” in the title. The books have to have been printed during the ruling curriculum. The analysis of the pictures is inspired of a so called polarising picture analysis. Both countries share western culture and standards however, the picture of the teacher as a positive and nice person was something the both countries had in common. The illustration of the almost always smiling teacher made us draw some conclusions about how adults paint up a beautiful picture about starting school that is not necessarily realistic.The differences between the two countries had more to do with ethnicity and gender. In one book from The United Kingdom the teacher is a bold man, in another a black woman and in the third the teacher was a young lady with brown hair. In the Swedish children books all teachers were woman, there was only one male teacher, posted as a wood workshop teacher, a stereotype for males. There was however some variations in age among these women, but in other ways they are similar, smiling white women that are nice to children. We also found more of a focus on the teacher in the British children books, the teachers were the supported leaders, all very popular with the children. In the Swedish children books, the teachers are more passive, the relation between the pupils takes more of the focus.Since this essay only deals with a selection of picture books, we do not aim to make a clear conclusion. This essay is more likely a beginning of a further study.
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School:Södertörns högskola

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:illustrations of teachers picture books realistic culture school


Date of Publication:02/06/2007

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