Beskrivning av informationsflöde och identifiering av riskområden : En fallstudie på Strålfors Svenska AB

by Gustafsson, Jenny

Abstract (Summary)
The report is written from the point of three different perspectives. Out of these perspec-tives I identify a number of risks based on the information I gather from four chosen busi-ness processes, witch are purchase, prepress/repro, planning, and production. The aim of the report is to identify the risks that are connected to the way the personnel are working within the four chosen processes today. By identifying the risks they later can be minimized and taken to consideration of the company. After changing and working with eliminating risks the processes will be armed for future threats and demands, mainly internal since fo-cus is placed on the four specific business processes.The information for this report is collected through interviews with process owners, gath-ering of internal documents in forms of descriptions and process overviews. The question at issue in the report is supported by theory that mainly is picked from course literature that is connected with the three visual angles. The conclusions are that Strålfors Svenska AB has a number of identified risks within the business processes. Furthermore, there are also risks identified between the processes. The collaboration between processes are not optimized and constitute a risk in it self. The main conclusion is that the personnel have not quit the old way of working and therefore have not adapted to more effective ways to handle information and optimized the everyday work. The general problems that I can ob-serve from the risks are the inconclusive way the collaboration work between the selected business processes. Furthermore, the old way of keeping the work journal in paper form is a problem since the information regarding orders will continue to increase and the amount of information will be to difficult to handle in the old way.
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School:Växjö universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:06/12/2006

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