Barns rätt och behov av kunskap om sitt ursprung. Attityder hos par som tar emot donerade ägg eller spermier samt de som donerar.

by Ahlgren, Linda; Hedlund-Ekström, Annika

Abstract (Summary)
The purpose of the study was to describe what attitudes there were among recipients and donors about the guiding principles that should comply with oocyte- and sperm donation. The purpose was also to investigate if there were any differences within the groups of recipient women and men and the donor group considering disclosure to the child about their origin.The study became a part of a national project. Data were collected with questionnaire that included earlier described aspects. It was formed with statements to take stands towards in form of “agree” or “disagree”. Number of participants were 333 and data were collected from April 2005 until spring 2008.The main results found that among donors and the attitudes toward the child’s right to get knowledge about their origin showed that women was significantly more positive in several aspects then the men. The results also showed that considering the guiding principles that should comply with gametes donation the recipients and donors had just about similar attitudes. For the recipients there was only the women who had a significant difference in one of the statements, otherwise there was no difference in either of both groups for the attitudes about disclosure to the child.
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School:Högskolan i Gävle

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:gamete donation attitudes recipients donors


Date of Publication:10/08/2008

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