Bachelor Degree Project : Lapstation : Suitcase for Laptop Computer with integrated cooling system and workstation functionality

by Hugo, Perea Lisbona

Abstract (Summary)
This report summarizes a Bachelor Degree Project in Product Design Engineering,carried out during the spring semester in 2007 by one student on the Product DesignEngineering programme at University of Skövde. The project was performed as anassignment for Comfort Cooling AB, a company in Skövde that manufactures coolingclothes and products for medical use.The purpose of the project is to design a suitcase for laptops that is used also as aworkstation. It has a cooler system, provided by Comfort Cooling that works with noexternal energy. It has a base made of foam sheet, to adapt it to the legs of the user. And ithas as well all the normal features characteristically of a suitcase for laptops, such aspockets, handles and security features.The first step in the project was to perform market research in order to gathercustomer needs. It was found that the primary features of a laptop suitcase are that it iswaterproof, that it is possible to carry the suitcase on ones back, that there are trays on bothsides of the suitcase, and that the suitcase will be available in a range of patterns andcolours. After that, the design of the possible solutions for each requirement started to bedeveloped. Once all the requirements of the project were satisfied with different solutions,each one of them were evaluated in order to identify the solutions that in the best way metthe stated product requirements. Finally a mock-up was produced for communicating thefinal design proposal and for enabling basic user trials to be carried out, as well as the finalresult, i.e. the design and the mock-up of the laptop suitcase.The report portrays the product design process and methods utilized in the project,as well as the final result (the mock up) of the laptop computer bag with integrated coolingeffect and workstation.
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School:Högskolan i Skövde

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:suitcase laptop computer lapstation work station


Date of Publication:11/08/2007

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