Avspecialisering som framgångskoncept för jämnare arbetsfördelning?

by Bunne, Tobias; Iversen, Per

Abstract (Summary)
The application of the LSS law and how the public organization (Municipality of Hudiksvall) later had to reform their organization to fit the new demands is the foundation to this master's thesis. An internal evaluation was performed due to this reorganisation process within the social care department (LSS unit). The aim was to investigate and evaluate if the reorganization resulted in a better working environment and if the work load (distribution of work) became more evenly divided between the different unit managing directors. The primary empirical information to this master's thesis is collected from that evaluation report. The main aim of this master’s thesis is to answer if the organisational choice between specialised or de-specialised working tasks has an effect (experienced and measured) on the level of stress among the unit managing directors. We have found that it is a question about moral stress rather than a question about stressed managing directors in general. In this thesis the definition of “moral stress” is the discrepancy between one persons ethical properties and the actions that person have to take due to appointed level of power and the responsibility that follows with this power. Our main recommendation is to find an organisational structure based on the premises of the LSS-law while at the same time attending to the problems of the more and more difficult working situation amongst the employees. This can be achieved by gaining approval for a new prioritizing order form the politicians, the clients, and the employees. Such a reformation process (Sw “omnormeringsprocess”) would imply less moral stress. If the managing directors have a basic employment as a generalist the working tasks will be more evenly divided amongst the employees. Teams of 5-7 employees that encompasses specially qualified generalist and that meets on a regular basis is essential to relieve pressure from colleagues. This is essential to be able to make the most out of the special knowledge of the directors. In the extension of this change the assistants should be included in the existing substitutes-pool and each assistant’s special competence should be clarified.
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School:Högskolan i Gävle

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:work load moral stress specialist generalist despecialisation renormation processes


Date of Publication:06/02/2006

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