Automatic Form-Factor Transformations of Web Pages and Web Services UIs

by Lubi?ski, Piotr

Abstract (Summary)

Browsing the Web on a distant screen may very often become user’s unpleasant experience. Such a situation may happen in a living room environment, where the user attempts to browse the Web on TV sitting at 10-foot distance from the screen. In a vast number of web sites that the user is able to request, many may contain, for instance, tiny text characters, which would become unreadable when watched from the distance. On the other hand, also navigation through the Web offerings can become troublesome. Especially, when the user is only equipped with the commonly used remote controller, interaction with the displayed content may prove inefficient. Therefore, methods to overcome content visibility and navigation problems become challenging. In this thesis we perceive living room environment as a good scenario, in which web-enabled handheld devices could further be utilized to interact with Consumer Electronics products, such as TVs. This sort of interaction should make an advantage of publically available Web resources to have them displayed on TV and controlled from the distance by the user who is equipped with, for instance, a web-enabled mobile phone. We think that such an interaction approach would become beneficial in several ways, making the Web browsing routine an interactive, possibly a group activity. Discussed in this thesis solutions are the first step of automatic transformations of web content into a form that can be rendered on Web4CE (Web for Consumer Electronics) products. A particularly important aspect of the proposed system is the concept of request/response HTTP message processing and HTML modification. According to this approach, living room browsing activity should be achievable without the need to re-author already existing web sites.

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School:Linköpings universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:split user interface transformation modification notification http html processing server client proxy transcoding software engineering programvaruteknik


Date of Publication:01/01/2009

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