Autoanticossos contra receptors de folat i estat en folats a la poblaci¨® general, durant l'embar¨¤s i efecte sobre la subfertilitat en dones

by Berrocal Zaragoza, Maria Isabel

Abstract (Summary)
Les portadores a la preconcepci¨®, tenien 12 vegades major risc per subfertilitat respecte les no-portadores. Folate receptor blocking autoantibodies (FR-AuAb), that impede transmembranal folate transport by this route, have been associated with neuronal developmental anomalies. The prevalences of FR-AuAb in the population and in pregnant women, their association with folate status, the cause of their production and effect on female subfertility were investigated. 7.2% of the population and 6.3% of pregnant women were carriers, but folate status was not impaired. However higher cord folate status indicated the presence of a compensatory mechanism. Birth weight of carriers¡¯ offspring was 4.6 times more likely to be below the 25th percentile. The presence of FR-AuAb in the cord (7.5%) was not associated with maternal presence, cord folate status, or birth weight. High milk consumers had 2.4 times more risk of having FR-AuAb than the rest of consumers.
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School:Universitat Rovira i Virgili

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Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:departament d enginyeria qu¨ªmica


Date of Publication:05/08/2009

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