Attitudes Toward Water Resource Development, Use, and Control and the Rural-urban Diffferential in the Bear River Basin

by Gillings, James Lane

Abstract (Summary)
The rural-urban differential was investigated in its relationship to certain expressed attitudes relating to natural resource development, use, and control. The rural-urban differential was also investigated as a variable affecting expressed attitudes toward the educational, economic, and political institutions. The two sets of expressed attitudes were then correlated to each other. A difference was found between the rural and the urban groups regarding their expressed attitudes concerning natural resource development, use, and control. Differences between the rural and the urban groups were also found in regard to attitudes toward the political institution. No significant differences were found regarding the attitudes towards economic and educational institutions. No significant relationship was found between the attitudes toward natural resources and attitudes toward the three social institutions. The uniformity of behavior related to natural resources indicated that there is possible.
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School:Utah State University

School Location:USA - Utah

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:05/01/1969

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