Att skapa nya rum : Roomservice - en annan form av marknadsföring

by Kagger, Caroline; Lindvall, Madeleine

Abstract (Summary)
Due to the technical development the enterprises of today are forced to creative thinking when it comes to marketing of their products. An example of one of these new methods are the development of product placement which has come to an interesting turn namely advertiser funded programming (AFP). Instead of the product just being a small part of the storyline it has become the story itself. The purpose of this study is to analyse how the advertiser funded tv-production Roomservice, a Swedish home styling program, communicates with it’s viewers as well as how they perceive the message. The study is based on qualitative interviews and a quantitative survey. The results showed that Roomservice is communicating without an obvious source but still clearly reaching the viewers with its message. Information about paint and painting are frequently shown in the program. This has affected the viewers in means of higher appreciation of the product. The most thrilling and unexpected result was the fact that a big part of the respondents were valuing the product higher and therefore willing to spend more money on paint after having seen Roomservice. The information also gets the viewers more engaged in the subject of paint and a small but important group was even looking for more information about things they’ve seen in the program. A big majority stated that Roomservice made them feel a stronger desire to paint, due to these results it can only be said that Roomservice has had influence on the viewers. Finally, the study showed that in order to create a successful advertiser funded production the integration of the product must be done correctly, as well as the ability of the production to work as tv-entertainment.
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School:Södertörns högskola

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:advertiser funded programming value tv production paint roomservice


Date of Publication:08/28/2006

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