Att jobba eller icke jobba : En uppsats om information och inspiration på

by Höglund, Ann

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AbstractTitle: To work or not to work, an essay about information and inspiration on of pages: 39Author: Ann HöglundTutor: Peder Hård af SegerstadCourse: Media and communication Studies DPeriod: Fall 2005University: Uppsala University, Department of information science, Division of Media and CommunicationPurpose/Aim: To investigate the frequency of ethos, logos and pathos in the work-guides on, and study how they match the needs of the respondents in the essay-interviews.Method/Material: To investigate the needs and wishes for information I have made three group-interviews with university students. In order to analyse the texts and films on I have used tools from the modern rhetoric analysis. In the last part of my analysis I compared the results of the rhetoric analysis and the requests from the interviews to see if and how they match.Main Results: The respondents requested inspiration for their future work lives, and information that could de-dramatize the image of working. The texts on www.ams.seconsist mostly of facts, while the films made a slightly more emotional contribution to the image of the occupation. The films showing relaxed and satisfied people can be seen as a way to de-dramatize the image of working-life. The people in the films offer the viewer a personal perspective on the job, and the texts present facts and information that might be used for further research.Key words: AMS, working life, information, inspiration, youths, ethos, logos, pathos.
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School:Uppsala universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:ams working life information inspiration youths ethos logos pathos


Date of Publication:07/06/2006

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