Att investera och förändra för att nå sportsliga framgångar : En fallstudie av HV71

by Suomela, Johan; Eliacik, Serhat; Persson, Robin; Gustafsson, Emil

Abstract (Summary)
In today’s society organisations act in a more uncertain environment where the competition has become harder, the development faster and the acclimatization more and more important. This also includes sport organisations, which has created problems for the management and club directors. To become a successful sports association, both in economic and sport, it’s important for associations to follow the development and adjust to the changing environment. Some decisions can imply invest or die situations, where survival is at stake. One way for organisations to follow the development is to invest in new arenas. Before such a decision an essential question is how the investment will be planned and financed. HV71 was the first Swedish ice hockey club to invest in a new arena and because of this we have conducted a case study of the organisation.The purpose with our essay is to describe and explain why and how sport clubs invest to reach competitive success. Further on we want to illustrate what effects the investment will result in.We have interviewed two key figures in HV71´s organisation. In the study we have used one oral interview and one telephone interview with questions based on our operationalization. Our analysis showed that HV71 used a unique way of financing their arena investment. Further the examination shows that arena constructions has resulted in sport success and improved economy, which concludes that the arena functions as a cash cow. Finally we suggest an exam that’s more generalizing and emerge the use of the finance alternative.
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School:Växjö universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:08/08/2007

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