Att fånga & förmedla en livsstil med ett varumärke & en affärside : en fallstudie av Proud

by Ebbestrand, Sofie; Ahlberg, Marie-Louise

Abstract (Summary)
The purpose of this essay was to find conceivable marketing- and business strategies that can be combined with a company’s lifestyle.This essay is dependent on a number of interviews with the owner of a maternity clothing trademark, PROUD. PROUD is a new company that has many different options concerning expansion, trademark and its existing and future products and also the knowledge regarding the client’s attitude towards PROUD.The authors of this essay believe that the trademark should represent a lifestyle. For a company to be able to deliver, it has to understand what the future clients want and need. I.e. feedback is most important so that in the future PROUD can expand on both market- and business level to succeed. To build a long-term involvement and create loyalty between the company and consumers some form of exchange of knowledge and response must be a part of a successful business. To create a company based on a lifestyle philosophy you have to understand the market and the requirements the clients have.“PROUDmothers” are defined, according to the authors, as PROUD’s most attractive customer group. The new consumers signify the lifestyle that PROUD’s trademark and business concept represent.The strategies that the authors have found are focused on marketing, development of customer segment and finding new consumer groups. Also caring for the relations and developing them towards the business network and creating a connection with the end customer are very important. Starting a concept store and an Internet store where the PROUDmothers can find all products that they need and consume will satisfy their needs and resolve the larger issues PROUD have today, i.e. not getting direct feedback from clients.
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School:Södertörns högskola

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:02/20/2006

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