Att tillämpa eller inte? : Svensk kod för bolagsstyrnings effekter på börsnoterade företags årsredovisningar

by Persson, Elisabet; Kenani, Mahim

Abstract (Summary)
Problem: After several corporate scandals concerning accounting around the world a discussion concerning corporate governance arose. The public demanded greater insight and better corporate governance in public companies. The discussions led to the development of codes of corporate governance, codes such as the Sarbanes Oxley Act, the Combined Code and the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance. The Swedish code is a clarifying of the Swedish law, a codification of praxis and in some cases an increase in the demands on reporting of information from the companies.Purpose: The purpose of the thesis is to describe what effects the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance has had on the content of annual reports of listed companies and if different types of companies have been affected in different ways.Method: The investigation was conducted using both qualitative and quantitative methods. Through a preliminary study knowledge about the subject was gathered. Using this knowledge, the authors could develop a questionnaire which was sent to all companies listed on the Swedish Stock Exchange’s A- and O-lists.Conclusions: A large part of the participating companies has chosen to implement the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance in some way. The larger companies have chosen to do this, but not to the extent that could be expected. Among the smaller companies there is also a will to implement the code even though it is not a forcing code for them. However, not as many companies have chosen to print a report of corporate governance and the board’s report on internal control. Instead, the companies seem to have to chosen to give out information which they were forced to give out since earlier. New information according to the code has then been added to this old information. A great deal of the companies feel that the code has a relatively large use and that the demands of the code are accurate. Finally, it can be concluded that the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance has had an effect on the annual reports of listed Swedish companies but to what extent and how varies greatly.
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School:Högskolan i Jönköping

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:the swedish code of corporate governance annual report reporting information


Date of Publication:06/29/2006

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