Associations among adolescents' health-risk behavior, their perceptions of their friends' health-risk behavior, parental support and school support within the context of a school transition

by McKenzie Mack, LaTasha.

Abstract (Summary)
ASSOCIATIONS AMONG ADOLESCENTS’ HEALTH-RISK BEHAVIOR, THEIR PERCEPTIONS OF THEIR FRIENDS’ HEALTH-RISK BEHAVIOR, PARENTAL SUPPORT AND SCHOOL SUPPORT WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF A SCHOOL TRANSITION by LaTasha McKenzie Mack Within the context of transitioning from a smaller to a larger school setting, adolescents’ selfreported health-risk behavior and academic achievement were examined in relation to their perceptions of their friends’ health-risk behavior and parent and school support. Hypotheses were generated using the “windows of vulnerability” (Lau Quadrel, & Hartman; 1990) and the “stage-environment fit” (Eccles, Lord, & Midgley; 1991) models. Previous health-risk behavior, friends’ health-risk behavior, parent support and the interaction term parent support by academic achievement were predictive of adolescents’ current health-risk behavior. In general, adolescents with low support and academic achievement participated more in health-risk behavior. Suggestions for prevention and intervention programs are offered. Associations among Adolescents’ Health-Risk Behavior, their Perceptions of Friends’ Health- Risk Behavior, Parental Support and School Support within the Context of a School Transition A Dissertation Submitted to the Faculty of Miami University In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctorate of Philosophy Department of Psychology by LaTasha McKenzie Mack Miami University Oxford, Ohio 2004 Director: Carl E. Paternite, Ph.D.
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School:Miami University

School Location:USA - Ohio

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:adolescence health risk behavior parental support school taking psychology in education parent and child home


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