Assessment of risk factors in sports-related concussion incidence rate and recovery patterns /

by Pretz, Laura Christine.

Abstract (Summary)
ASSESSMENT OF RISK FACTORS IN SPORTS-RELATED CONCUSSION: INCIDENCE RATE AND RECOVERY PATTERNS by Laura Christine Pretz Research has shown possible risk factors associated with a greater incidence of sportsrelated concussion and varying recovery patterns. This study examined athletic positions, gender, and previous history of concussion to investigate the risk factors of sustaining a concussion and of affecting an athlete’s recovery. Results are as follows: football players in offensive positions have a greater risk for sustaining a concussion than those in defensive positions; there is no difference in the severity of the concussions or in the rate of recovery between offensive and defensive football players; athletes in non-contact sports are more at risk for a concussion than those who participate in contact sports; each concussion an athlete sustains increases the risk of sustaining a future concussion by 50%; if an athlete has sustained three or more prior concussions, it is probable that more symptoms will accompany each subsequent concussion; male athletes have more symptoms than female athletes.
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School:Miami University

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Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:brain sports injuries


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