Assessing job relatedness in an in-basket test using the critical incident technique

by Anderson, Lindsey M.

Abstract (Summary)
The St. Paul Public Housing Agency (PHA) is one of 3,300 PHAs world wide. The goal of PHAs is to provide a suitable living environment for all families. To do this, agencies must hire the right candidates to fill all staffing positions. The purpose of this study was to assess if the in-basket test given to job applicants for the Assistant Resident Services Managers (ARSM) position is job-related and therefore hiring the best candidates for the position. The Critical Incident Technique (CIT) was used to induce what behaviors are critical to successful job performance. The subjects consisted of 22 individuals with knowledge of the ARSM position. Throughout this process a total of 113 incidents were collected resulting in seven themes found to be critical to job performance of ARSMs in 2005. These themes were then compared with the seven underlying themes of the current in-basket used in selection of ARSMs. The results show that the current in-basket includes all but one of the most critical incidents for success on the job. The theme that was not included was, " Effective use of Human Resources. " There was also a scoring discrepancy because the current in-basket given equal weight to all answers containing one of the seven themes when the findings show that some incidents are more important than others. Therefore, a differential scoring methodology should be used. Future research is recommended to ensure that what is critical to the ARSM job in 2005 is still prevalent in 2007. If this is so, the missing incident should be added to the themes most critical to the job and a differentially weighted scoring algorithm should be implemented. These things added to the in-basked will provide useful in the selection of successful ARSMs.
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School:University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

School Location:USA - Wisconsin

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:critical incident technique vocational qualifications employee selection personnel management


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