Aspects of the therapeutic relationship : a clinical approach

by Lau, Kar-cho

Abstract (Summary)
(Uncorrected OCR) attract ur oxsstfi rATinpj lwtulo " &SPEGTS [JF THE THEHfll'i'Ul IE! RELATIONSHIP ---------- A i;\ LfiHCAL AI'niHjALH. " iJ u b m i t t o 11 b y Holloa n. Li. Lau ( fi. Line. flc. llfiU) 3r the: Oeqi-eg of Master of Socinl I'.ci rmces in Clinic a J Pnychnluijy ngPARTMEWT tJF PStfCit&bHflY UiUUERSTTY OF !IUI\i[; ttOOjti July, 1'Jfll T hL> purpose of the p resent study uj a s to inueati-gate the? effect nn the the rnpeut is relationship ul' the interaction betucen the expectations of i:iientG and the rapists, with regard to their views of psychological services in Hong rionq, of man's nature and nf the nature of psyeholgo leal problems - their formation and allevatinn. The implicit a ssump t i an was; The wifiuG nt' clients differ cans ide rnhi y from those nf the tiu; rapist, due tn the the rap in t ' s exposure to and training in a western mode of psychotherapy and this difference leads to clash ay in expectations and subsequently affected the tharapeut c relationship and outcome. The approach used is clinical, experiential and introspective. The entire study can roughly bt. divided on a time has is into four phases, uuc ffTfrrtjing in to another, for the sake o? clarity, fetia study would ai'SO be presented according tn such phases. The first phase has been an exploratory phase in uihich the author looked outwards to Uie existing psychological services in Hong hong, drawing on his past clinical experiences and his training in gene ml psychology, the author set out the pi1 a ill cm stating the views he held and the motives he had for the present study, descrihing at the same time the existing in i g  conceptions and misunderstanding on the part of the general public regarding the practice of psychuluyjcat intervention in the local setting; and the effect of cultural factors on the application of western theories.: in psychotherapy to Chinese clients. [he second phase was on inward seeking phase in 1 1 1 which the author explored himself and the formation ui his views of man's nature and at psychotherapy. Various prominent western figures in psychatherapy and psychology and the Chi nose thinker Mane ins, arid their in-f'luonct'S en the development of the an t lia r ;;vi cms otu! concepts were explored- The third phase wao the clinical phase in which the author enrjarjed -himself hi actual psychological counsel 1 inn , acting himself as the theran i. S t for six clients aver a period of approximntely one month in a local social service centre. The propose of this clinical activity was to seek evidence f ?  views already held and to discover new ones. Ihe final phase was a phase of reflection and synthesis. The findings from analysis of tape-record-inga were combined and discussed with new ideas, viewpoints and a elf-understanding the author pa the red throughout, the course of this study, from his own instrospsction, from discussion with his dissertation supervisor and from the recent and past clinical e x perisneo s. Very briefly, the major findings from the present study were : (1) Cultural factors did affect the therapeutic relationship via their influences en hoth the clients and the author. This effect is not con si stent in the sense that it sometimes facilitates and at other times complicates the relationship. {?.) flie author found that the main source of conflict, was within him rather that between him and his clients.
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School:The University of Hong Kong

School Location:China - Hong Kong SAR

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:therapist and patient


Date of Publication:01/01/1981

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