Arranjo socioprodutivo de base comunitária ( um projeto piloto na comunidade do entorno da Micro-Bacia do Rio Sagrado (Morretes-PR)

by Alves, Flávia Keller

Abstract (Summary)
Socioproductive Arrangement of Communitarian Base (APL.Com) is still a denomination quite restrict in literature. In face of the methods of organizational and inter organizational management addressed for the short term economical growth, neglecting social environmental ofmedium and long term problems, arises a methodology of social productive and political management which foments traditional communities to make effective their methods ofproduction parameterized in principles of their own territory sustainability. The APL.Com is a social productive and institutional net, qualified as participative and associative, in which predominates the recognition of territory and values the traditional communitarian background. It is about joined actions that leads to a system of extraction, production and collective distribution, parameterized through the focus on sustainable development, involving groups and endeavourerpartners formal or informally organized, that contributes for the insertion of communities that have historical disadvantages on the market economics and, at the same time, assure a self communitarian dynamic, as is the case of communities around the Micro Basin of Rio Sagrado,Morretes, Paraná. Within this context the general goal is to consolidate a technical construct named Socioproductive Arrangement of Communitarian Base (APL.Com) based mostly onliterature originated from Environmental Sciences and from Economics and in the empirical experiments on curse and, at the same time, to foment a pilot project on the Micro Basin of Rio Sagrado, as from the production and commercialization of art crafts and agro industrializedproducts. Therefore, it was held a diagnostic of the local community, in view to obtain ecological and social economics data that could compound the APL.Com at the locality. It was also proposed, actions for the re-organization of the Communitarian Association Candonga as to configure the headquarters of the Arrange and, still, the configuration of an APL.Com. The data were obtained throughout meetings, visits, life experiences, meetings and structured interviews. As to the main results, social undertaking of the locality that can compound the Arrange,compounded by the Local Associations and by the Hospedaria e Espaço de Convivencialidade Montanha Beija-Flor Dourado, among other partners, as the Morretes Municipal City Hall,EMATER, FURB, LaGOE Institute. The data obtained throughout the diagnostics reflects the reality of this locality, as the income distribution and indices of low school background, but with efforts of union and solidarity, of which make groom enchainment social productive in several relations. The APL.Com, for its turn, strengths the so called communitarian tourism that is a strategic for the traditional populations be protagonist of their own way of living. In the end, theprospection of a Socioproductive Arrangement of Communitarian Base for the Micro Basin of Rio Sagrado, stands a technical construct with respect to the theme, initially proposed by Sampaio et al (2004 a , 2004b), as from the experiments in course, that proposes articulates with nets of fair commerce
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Advisor:Mohamed Amal; Jose Edmilson de Souza Lima; Oklinger Mantovaneli Junior; Carlos Alberto Cioce Sampaio

School:Universidade Regional de Blumenau

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:socioproductive arrangement of communitarian base (APL.Com) fair trade


Date of Publication:04/30/2008

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