Arbetshanteringen på godsmottagningen hos EFG

by Hess, Elin

Abstract (Summary)
The aim of this report is to investigate how the work handling at the department for arriving goods at EFG in Tranås is working, as well as how it could be improved and made more effective. EFG is a corporation who process and sell office furniture. The company is working with a project concerning delivery precision, the subject is therefore particularly interesting from the perspective of delivery accuracy. The number of orders has increased notably during the fall of 2005 and the spring of 2006. This has led to new demands at the department for arriving goods and the topic is as a result of that important also from this point of view.Interviews and investigations have been conducted at location since no written material earlier has been made in the topic. A description of the main flows at the department and how they are being handled has been the results of those investigations. The amount of material arriving is to great to be handled without problems. Large quantities are received in intervals in the current situation. Those quantities demands storage which are impossible to house in the existing storerooms in the building. The goods must be moved several times and the handling becomes unnecessarily inconvenient. It is impossible to carry out the quality controls in a fashionable manner as a result of this, simply as there is no time for it, which may lead to faults ad problems further on in the refinement process. The result of the analysis shows that a combination of measures could be appropriate to prevent this. The measures include the introduction of a new identification system to make the registration of goods easier and faster. It is also recommended to buy the goods loaded on EUR-pallets, which means that no reloading will be necessary. Finally EFG is proposed to increase their cooperation with their suppliers and order smaller and more frequent deliveries.
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School:Högskolan i Jönköping

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:12/07/2006

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