Arbetsgivarens respektive Försäkringskassans skyldigheter för arbetslivsinriktad rehabilitering : en rättsvetenskaplig studie

by Gunnarsson, Anna

Abstract (Summary)
The purpose of this essay is to describe the Swedish legislation and examine court casesconcerning employers’ and the Social insurance office’s (Försäkringskassan) responsibilityfor rehabilitation of employees. There are three main players in regards to work relatedrehabilitation: the employer, the Social insurance office, and the employee. The employer ismainly responsible for work related rehabilitation, which is prescribed in the WorkEnvironment Act (Arbetsmiljölagen) and the National Insurance Act (Lagen om allmänförsäkring). The employer’s responsibilities for work related rehabilitation include, since1992, conducting a rehabilitation investigation of the sick employees. The investigation shalllay the groundwork for the necessary steps to be taken at the workplace to insure that theemployee can return to work. The employer also has a responsibility to modify work tasks tothe individual employee insuring that the employee can continue to work even if theemployee’s work capacity is reduced due to injury or disease.The rehabilitation investigation done by the employer must be turned over to the Socialinsurance office within eight weeks. The Social insurance office then makes a rehabilitationplan based on the investigation. The purpose of the plan is to insure the employee receives therehabilitation that he/she needs to be able to return to work as fast as possible. The Socialinsurance office must also meet the employee for a meeting (avstämningsmöte) if deemednecessary. The purpose of the meeting is to establish what the employee’s needs are inregards to his/her rehabilitation. The two types of rehabilitation methods most commonly usedare work training and education. The employee also has a responsibility to actively take partin the rehabilitation process.How one should distribute responsibility and divide roles between the social insurance officeand the employer is not entirely clear. Currently, there exists a conflict between the differentplayers about how to do this due to the lack of clearly established responsibilities and roles aspertain to each party. The parliament is trying to create more defined legislation with a newreport called SOU 2006:107, which they hope will help clarify the individual responsibilitiesof all parties involved. These proposals will be discussed further in the essay’s final chapter.
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Date of Publication:04/19/2007

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