Aplicativo computacional para simulação da obtenção de eficiência energética na indústria

by Câmara da, Cesar Ricardo

Abstract (Summary)
The electric energy, as any other kinds of energy, can´t be created or destroyed, just transformed. There are a lot of not efficient methods to transform the electric energy that isstill in use. These methods degrade part of the energy to be used, and this part ends not used to advantage. It is fact that we will always be losing energy in a transformation. However, in the current days, we perceive that to produce the energy wasted can represent a bigger cost than to conserve the available potentia l already produced. Moreover, the the preservation of the environment is not just an ideological flag, it is a necessity by the time humanity is feeling the cost of a disordered and unsustainable degradation of nature through the climatic changes, the kinds extinction, the quality of water, etc. This work presents a software that assists the user to verify advantages in less efficientelectric equipment substitution. This research helps the user of the software to be familiar with better its industrial ins tallation and to simulate new situations of charges and fees ofenergy. This tool was developed with the idea to generate more confidence for those whose will to implement changes in the industrial charges expecting electric efficiency. This worksgives its social and environment contribution because it stimulates the investments in reduction of electric energy consumption avoiding the necessity to increment the offer ofenergy and its consequent environment degradation
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Advisor:Adriano Péres; Elisete Ternes Pereira; Arlan Luiz Bettiol

School:Universidade Regional de Blumenau

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:electric energy


Date of Publication:09/25/2006

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