Analysis of operational pace versus logistical support rate in the ground combat element of a Marine Expeditionary Brigade [electronic resource] /

by Miner, Roy.; School (U.S.), Naval Postgraduate

Abstract (Summary)
The execution of maneuver warfare by the Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) places a large amount of stress on the supporting logistics infrastructure. Sustaining the movement of the Ground Combat Element (GCE) as the battlefield expands becomes increasingly difficult to accomplish by the Combat Service Support Element (CSSE) with finite assets. We assert the days of supply the GCE is capable of carrying, the reorder point for inventories carried by the GCE, and the transportation capacity assets within the CSSE dedicated to moving supplies are all significant contributing factors in sustaining the movement of the GCE. This thesis defines a logistics process and develops a simulation where the GCE consumes logistical resources necessary to sustain its movement toward assigned objectives while being supported by a CSSE in an expanding maneuver warfare environment. We define a successful sustainment of the GCE and using logistic regression, confirm the above three factors contribute significantly to the success rate of sustainment in the simulation. Through regression and leverage plots we determine which of the three factors contribute significantly more to the responses of success and time. We also conclude through a sample means comparison the combination of factor values that achieve a minimal delay in sustainment for the GCE in the simulation.
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