Analys av miljömedvetenhet under produktionsprocessen

by Eriksson, Sara

Abstract (Summary)
NCC Construction is one of the largest construction companies in Sweden today and this thesis is written in cooperation with NCC Construction in Karlstad and discusses the environmental awareness throughout the company. The task was to study and analyze how the employees perceive their environmental policy and to estimate how successful the distribution of information was. There was also an interest in collecting new ideas from the employees in how to make environmental improvements.NCC has four comprehensive goals with their policy and it is well documented what the employers is obliged do to in terms of making the company more environmental friendly. A well written policy is essential to describe the goals and how to fulfill them.In the matter of receiving answers to my questions a survey was made and the target group was the group management and the workers. The survey was to be analyzed according to their position in the company, age and the number of years they have been at NCC.The result of this survey shows a good sense of understanding among the employees in the environmental matter. One thing the company needs to work on is reducing their travels and transports. The highest amount of environmental awareness is among their contractors and that is because they know how to plan their transports and use car pools more often. NCC are using environmental classes to educate their employees, but they need to give everyone the opportunity not only certain groups, also the ones with a few years in the company needs to update their memory. To increase their understanding among the employees they need to be informed about laws, rules and policies continuously.Analyzing the employees’ suggestions of improvements shows that they all had almost the same ideas, reduce the transportation.To sum it up you can easily say that NCC are working through their company and employees to make a difference in the environment, one thing they still need to work on is making sure the information reaches everyone.
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School:Högskolan i Jönköping

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:10/18/2007

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