Analys av interna transporter och buffertlager vid Vest-Wood Sverige AB

by Reis, Fredrik; Carlsson, Erik

Abstract (Summary)
This report is the result of an analysis made at Vest-Woods factory in Forserum during the spring of 2007 with the purpose to reduce internal transports. Vest-Wood AB in Forserum produces doors for the Swedish market but is also a supplier of doorframes to another factory (Sdr Felding in Denmark) in the same group of companies. The material handling for supplying the factory in Sdr Felding withdoorframes causes a lot of internal transports. The factory in Forserum has chosen to keep the twelve most ordered doorframes in stock to keep up with varying demand from the factory in Sdr Felding and to smooth their own manufacturing. The warehouse in Forserum, where the doorframes are stored, is placed 200 m from themanufacturing site and that contributes to the internal transport. The assignment that Vest-Wood AB in Forserum wanted analysed was how they could find a more beneficial arrangement of the internal transports from an economic point of view. To define the present situation we calculated the mean value based on inventory datafrom 2006. The factory in Forserum is closed for one more week than the factory in Sdr Felding is during the summer. For that reason, a buffer is built to cover the demand from the factory in Sdr Felding during this week. This buffer is also kept in the warehouse. That buffer was subtracted from the inventory results. When the meanvalue of the warehouse had been calculated, the yearly cost of storing the doorframes could be calculated. There are three different flows in that part of the factory in Forserum where our analysis has taken place. Production of the twelve doorframestakes place in two of them. We calculated total capacity in these two flows and found that they have potential extra capacity of 25 %.With the mean value of the warehouse and the potential extra capacity in the production we could work out a proposal of improvement. The proposal treats how to remove the warehouse as a way of reducing internal transports. The proposal assumesthat the collaboration and insight between the factory in Sdr Felding and the factory in Forserum is improved.
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School:Högskolan i Jönköping

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:internal transport material handling warehouse non value adding activities


Date of Publication:07/03/2007

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