by Calçada de, Aline Cristina

Abstract (Summary)
This dissertation has the rendering problematic Environmental Education as a questionable study based on the concepts of Sirio Lopez Velasco and Carlos Frederico Loureiro. The sustainability theme and the author critic comparison about it was the study object and goal of this work. The adopted methodology was a reflexive study, of a conceptual analysis, developed through the bibliographic research and analyses/discussions put into practice along the subjects of the Master Program in Environmental Education at FederalUniversity Foundation of Rio Grande. Based on Loureiro and Velasco, the Environmental Education is understood as a long and continued process of a philosophy learning of a participative work This means that all social actors must be involved: family school and community, with the purpose to create citizens, whose knowledge about the biophysicsenvironment and its associated problems, may alert them become able to solve their problems. The reflexion started on this dissertation did not have the intention to eliminate a so broad thematic as the sustainable development and the population health, but take to the nursing field, the worrying with the need and responsibility to penetrate into this dimension of human living.The humanity challenging in the XXI century is for sure to beat the Capitalism paradigm and the exploration of the man for man. There is a horizon besides the fights of classes, hunger, unemployment and the human under conditions that a third of humanity has been submitted along the centuries. The Ecommunitarism proposed by Velasco is a changing of posture and its premises are able to respect and sustain the individual and common life. Possibly, it is not an utopia, because its principles may well be incorporated to human beings that really understand the true sense of life. Man walks to reach an intellectual-perceptive degree of development very far from the selfishness that it was introduced. The nursing job often leads with life and death and apart from social class, religion and life style, peoplechange when they are near to die. There is a need to see life and the world with other eyes, with the eyes of compassion, of the collective sense, of love for oneself and for the other. It is a changing of attitude and the interior beatitude that it is necessary to maintain minds lit, since it is known there is a direct fruit of human thoughts. Reality is built up as it really is and there is a need to be conscious about it.
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Advisor:Sirio Lopez Velasco; Humberto Calloni; Fernando Jader de Magalhães Melo

School:Fundação Universidade Federal do Rio Grande

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:desenvolvimentosustentável ecomunitarismo problematic environmental education sustainable development ecommunitarism


Date of Publication:04/02/2008

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