Smålands Entreprenörs Akademi, SEA : En studie i vision, fantasi och kreativitet

by Nilson, Henrietta

Abstract (Summary)
The aim of the study was to show whether or not there exists, and if so, to understand, a common creativity, vision and imagination of the members of Småland’s Entrepreneurial Academy’s organisation.The method used for this research is the fictive narrative collage , which consists of the collection of fictive stories. The author has also made her own additions to the method. A composer composes songs to the narratives, two artists illustrate the narratives. The research is carried out on the total population within Småland’s Entrepreneurial Academy which consists of 10 permanent members of the organisation.The theory focuses on different areas, such as creativity, vision and imagination as well as on the entrepreneur and the organisation. The latter two to provide the research with a foundation for the whole.Analyses were carried out and interpreted by the author, coupled to the theory, but also with a starting point in the interpretations that the composer and artists made in their contributions. Theatrical metaphors are used to draw parallels and to make further clarifications in the interpretation and the texts.The results show that vision, imagination and creativity do exist and common characteristics have been able to be identified, such as the creativity of the entrepreneur and his or her desire to go his or her own way, to not enter into conflict with his or her own role. In the vision, there are common trains of thought, where a balance in life/existence is the most central. If imagination is allowed completely free flight, the research group will allow anarchy to reign.
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School:Växjö universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:advanced business development initiation construction and leadership fed 362


Date of Publication:09/26/2006

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