"Afinidades y oposiciones en la narrativa colombiana - Una lectura de Jorge Isaacs, José Asunción Silva, Gabriel Garcia Marquez y Álvaro Mutis" "Affinities and oppositions in the colombian narrative - A reading of Jorge Isaacs, José Asunción Silva, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Álvaro Mutis"

by Ospina, Alfredo Laverde

Abstract (Summary)
This thesis establishes relationships of likeness and opposition in the Colombian literature among the authors of the XIX century, Jorge Isaacs and José Asunción Silva, and Gabriel García Márquez and Álvaro Mutis of the XX century. Starting from the writing concepts and history is sought to demonstrate that it is possible to not only make a reading of the central works of the Colombian literature in thematic terms, but aesthetic and ideological. Consequently, as we go going into in the reading of the works literary proposals it becomes evident the existence of two currents inside oneself literature. These two variants of oneself literature is sustained through the critical character of the modernity that possesses two modalities: the history?s conception like a succession of stages that necessarily take to the perfection, and the fragmentation taken place in the symbolic exchanges that it takes finish each fellow and that it has been expressed in terms of subjectivity. The first one is represented markedly by Isaacs and García Márquez like a regional and politics tendency; the second, cosmopolitan and hopeless, represented by Silva and Mutis.
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Bibliographical Information:

Advisor:Ana Cecilia Arias Olmos; Gladys Viviana Gelado; Laura Janina Hosiasson; Adriana Kanzepolsky; Maria Ligia Coelho Prado; Ana Cecilia Arias Olmos

School:Universidade de São Paulo

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:history Isaacs modernity writing


Date of Publication:05/19/2006

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