Adjust the cold test metodology to evaluate thevigor of sorghum seeds

by Golfi Andriazzi, Cinthia Vieira

Abstract (Summary)
This research had the purpose to adjust the cold test metodology to evaluate the vigor ofsorghum seeds (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench), using samples of two lots about AG1018hybrid, one with marginal quality, called test lot, and other with high quality, calledcontrol lot, in the cropping season 2005/2005. The experiments were made at Monsantodo Brasil Ltda seeds analysis laboratory, with Instituto de Ciências Agrárias daUniversidade Federal de Uberlândia, in Uberlândia ? MG. Five experiments were madein this work. The first had the purpose to determine the soil blend and the best humidityto conduct the cold test. The others were made to determine the profundity to plant, thetime inside the cold chamber, and the best temperature of growth room. Theexperimental design was randomized blocks, with four repetitions. In the firstexperiment analysed 13 treatments made of four soil blends with three humidities, onemore control treatment. The other experiments were made for diferents temperatures ofgrowth room (22, 25, 28 e 31ºC), distributed in a (4x3) factorial one more additionaltreatmet. The factorial was made of four times inside the cold chamber (120; 144; 168 e192h) and three profundities to plant (1,5; 3,0 e 4,5cm). The control lot was theadditional treatmet. The percentage of plant emergence was analysed and it can beconcluded that: the best soil blend was made of two parts of washed sand and one partof soil with humidity 65%; the time to keep inside the cold chamber for five days wasenough to analyse the vigor of sorghum seeds; the best percentage of plant emergencefor 1,5 e 3,0cm profundity was with growth room on 25ºC and 4,5cm the temperaturewas 29ºC.
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Advisor:Denise Garcia de Santana; Césio Humberto de Brito; Paulo Antonio de Aguiar; Carlos Machado dos Santos

School:Universidade Federal de Uberlândia

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:cold test Sorghum quality vigour


Date of Publication:02/27/2007

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