Adaptation of Wireless Access MAC Protocol for Real Time Packet Flows

by Pavilanskas, Lukas; Pavilanskas, Lukas

Abstract (Summary)
Topicality of the problem. Wireless WAN technologies which can provide multimedia services to customer in most cases are implemented by the commercial providers of voice services. Thus technologies are expensive in development of the Hot-Spots, where volatile expanded concentration of customers may be observed. For such purposes the main alternative technologies are the IEEE 802.11.

In modern telecommunications industry the expansion of the IEEE 802.11 networks is one of the fastest growing segment of the telecommunications market. This technology has quickly found a significant place and popularity to provide the typical services of Internet in business, home networking, and etc.

Growing evolution of Internet technologies determines transmitted data flows to take a shape of specific real time multimedia flows features. For such conditions the IEEE 802.11 general technology was not adapted. It is important to develop the new operation methods based on IEEE 802.11 without changing main standard specification. This method lets to adopt an existing in market equipment of IEEE 802.11 for multimedia or voice flows.

The methodology of IEEE 802.11 technological expenditures influence estimation, presented in dissertation, has not been used before. This estimation method allows to evaluate rationality of physical resource utilization and to predict protocol modification directions. Also, method of synchronous voice communication in customer access is proposed. This solution allows

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Advisor:Kajackas, Algimantas; Martavi?ius, Romanas; Paulikas, Ĺ arunas; Rimas, Jonas; Dzemyda, Gintautas; Navakauskas, Dalius; Pocius, Ri?ardas Visvaldas; Ragauskas, Arminas


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Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:IEEE 802.11, Voice, WLAN, Wireless Access


Date of Publication:06/27/2007

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