Acute phase response to inflammation in salmonid fishes

by Simko, Elemir

Abstract (Summary)
We compared early humoral responses of rainbow trout and brook trout with sterile inflammation induced by intraperitoneal Lipogen Triple vaccination to determine if genetic differences in susceptibility in salmonidscomlated with different acute phase responses to vaccination. Sirnilarsevere acute sterile peritonitis occurred in response to Lipogen Triple in both species. Both species also had rapid transient reduction in plasma iron concentration at 3 days. Moderate hypofenernia persisted to day 14 in brook trout, but retumed to normal by day 7 in rainbow trout. Plasma Zn decreased sharply 3 days after vaccination in rainbow trout and retumed nearly to control levels by day 10;however, plasma Zn did not change in brook trout. Two dimensional PAGE of plasma proteins revealed that increased amounts of a 48 kDa protein group coincided with a hypoferrremic response in rainbow trout. In addition, modest elevation in a 16 kDa protein group also occurred in rainbow trout. These studies demonstrated the rapid changes in plasma iron and elevations of two putative acute phase plasma proteins associated with vaccine-induced inflammation in these salmonids,
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Date of Publication:01/01/1998

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