Active and Passive Unequally Spaced Reflect-Arrays and Elements of RF Integration Techniques

by Kurup, Dhanesh G.

Abstract (Summary)
Using an array synthesis tool based on a modified differential evolution algorithm, it is shown that the position-phase synthesis exhibits improved pattern characteristics compared to both the phase only and position only synthesis of uniform amplitude antenna arrays. The design of an unequally spaced planar reflect-array and an active power combining reflect-array are presented. The unit cell of the active reflect-array consists of an amplifying active reflect-antenna designed using a novel dual polarized microstrip-T coupled patch antenna. Two modelling approaches are proposed for the active reflect-antenna and the modelling methods are compared with the experiments.A computationally efficient analysis of an H-slot in the ground plane of a microstripline is carried out using a transmission line model. To improve the accuracy in the resonant region of the H-slot and retaining the computational efficiency, an artificial neural network is combined with an efficient spectral domain method. An efficient analysis tool for a silicon micromachined H-slot coupled antenna is developed by combining the transmission line models of the H-slot and an aperture coupled antenna. The experimental results are compared with the theory showing good agreement.The analysis and design of a microwave amplifier based on non-resonant slot matching is carried out. It is seen that the designed slot matched amplifier has decreased layout size, improved gain and noise figure characteristics compared to a stub matched amplifier. An efficient method for the analysis of non-resonant slots is compared with other approaches showing good agreement. This points to the fact that non-resonant slot matched circuits can be designed with the same speed and efficiency as we design the traditional stub based matching circuits.To address the problem of bandwidth and performance of reflect-arrays we propose a dielectric resonator antenna with slotline stubs. As a preliminary step we design a dielectric resonator antenna with slotline feed and the experimental results are compared with those of a commercial CAD tool. Design and analysis of 3D interconnects based on non-radiative dielectric waveguides is carried out. At millimeterwave, these interconnects are useful for hybrid and multilayer integration techniques.
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School:Uppsala universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Doctoral Dissertation

Keywords:TECHNOLOGY; Electrical engineering, electronics and photonics; Electrical engineering; Active Antenna; Reflect-arrays; NRD guide; RF integration; Elektroteknik, elektronik och fotonik


Date of Publication:01/01/2003

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